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Refer a Friend

How To Refer A Friend

Share Rs. 500 With A Friend

Refer A Friend

You earn Rs.250 of store credit for every friend you refer - the first time they buy shoes from India.

Your referred friend gets Rs. 250 off their first shoe purchase from us.

We hope you love your myjoota shoes as much as we enjoy designing, creating and selling them. So why not spread the joy? Tell a friend about us and you could both save Rs 250 each off your next purchase. Here is how it works:

Step 1 - Send Them An Invitation
  • Log in to your account by clicking the ACCOUNT link on the top right of our website.
  • Click on the REFER A FRIEND section
Step 2 - Your Friend Creates An Account
  • They must click on the link to create an account with us. Doing so will give them Rs 250 of store credit.
  • To use the credit they add a product to their Shopping Cart, and they will be shown the Referral Discount available to use.
Step 3 - Your Friend Makes a Purchase
  • As soon as your friend buys a pair of shoes from us, we will give you Rs 250 of referral credit.
  • You can monitor the status of this under the REFER A FRIEND section of your Account Dashboard.
  • To use the credit, simply add a product to your Shopping Cart, and you well be shown the Referral Discount available to use.
Rules of the Programme
  1. You cannot refer yourself, or an existing customer or re-refer someone you have referred before.
  2. We constantly monitor the system for fair use. If we feel it is been abused we reserve the right to withdraw credit, shut down accounts and suspend the programme without notice.
  3. No credit can be given for referrals made before this programme started.
  4. No credit can be given for referrals that do not come to us via the special link mentioned above.
  5. This programme is for consumers and may not be used by companies, businesses and "affiliate" schemes.
  6. Referral credit cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers, discounts or credits.

You will need one A4 paper.

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»Tilt up

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Please tilt your mobile to portrait.

Please make sure the paper corners are visibile