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MyJoota Story

Created with a single Obsession. To give you good fitting shoes.

Indian Brand

We are an Indian Brand and proud to claim as one.

Neither our Brand name nor our products name are designed to deceive you of our identity.

Fashion footwear – Made to Measure

Custom fit shoes offer limited design and limited colors. We are determined to change that. Our designs are carefully chosen with fashion in mind and we give quirky twist mixing with different colors and different materials.

Traditional way of crafting with a modern way of buying


Our craft has evolved over the years and we pride our strong base in design and manufacture of footwear.

Mobile Application:

Using our mobile application, you can buy your favorite shoes and give us your feet measurement at the convenience of your home; our smartphone app ensures we digitize a 3D model of your feet down to the millimeter in just a few easy steps.

Making quality shoes affordable again

We have seen consumers suffer and shoe prices have gone up and synthetic “Faux leather” (plastic) shoes have taken over the high street. Our mission is to make high quality shoes affordable again.


Happy buying and Happy wearing our (or should we say your) shoes! Crafted exclusively for you


You will need one A4 paper.

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